Mon Bijoux
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Welcome to Mon Bijoux.

About the Company

We set up Mon Bijoux in September 2010 with a successful experimental presence in the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland's Angels Christmas Market. We are an independent limited company with husband and wife owners. It was founded on the principles that we like to insist upon when we shop: the company should be ethical, sell great things and have outstanding customer service.
The shopping experience at Mon Bijoux focuses on selling world class jewellery, on premier customer service and building relationships. Everyone's jewellery shopping style is unique and at Mon Bijoux we aim to tailor the approach to the individual customer's needs.
All jewellery is sourced ethically so you can be 100% confident on where the pieces come from. The pieces are all hand crafted, and mostly sterling silver with a spattering of diamonds, pearls, crystal, and alternative metals (gold, platinum, etc). They range from understated and polished to frosted and funky. There is something for everyone and every mood. Mon Bijoux also features a limited men's and children's range.
We chose the name 'Mon Bijoux' as it has two meanings in French. In modern French, 'Mon Bijou' means my jewellery but in Old French it was also used as a term of endearment meaning my love and had an X added to the end to make the term more romantic.
About the Owners
Prior to setting up Mon Bijoux, we spent the most of our professional lives working in IT in Investment Banks. We met in 2008 in London and left our banking careers behind the following year to travel the world. It was during this world trip in a number of different countries that we discovered the craft of jewellery making and made the decision to start a business showcasing global artists in London. We eloped at the end of the trip and arrived back in London as husband and wife in September 2010 to start this venture.
Jamie and Jason Myers.