Box Day Sale - 30% off everything

Box Day Sale - 30% off everything

Here at Mon Bijoux, we don't like to make things complicated.  In fact, we are all for keeping things as simple as possible,  If you are looking for fabulous silver jewellery on sale, then look no further.  There is no minimum spend, no pre-conditions just a simple message "30 PER CENT OFF EVERYTHING".  We don't know how long it will last so our advice is simple... if you see what you want and it's on sale, you should buy it.  Jewellery on sale online (or as it's known across the pond 'Jewelry on sale') tends not to last too long, especially in thie Covid-filled world.  Shops and malls are closed so most people shop online.  If you have any questions about our jewellery, our commitment to our customers or about who we are, please ping us via the website.  We aim to respond personally as quickly as possible.

Anyway, put simply, right now we have a sale with 30% off all purchases.  Just use code '2020SALE' and the discount is yours!  This is the Mon Bijoux Winter Sale.  Enjoy is while it lasts.

Who doesn;t like an online jewellery sale?  Especially with free shipping??
Come on out USA fans... who doesn't like an online jewelry sale?

Our flawless sterling silver designs are amazing and are in the mould of the famous Scandinavian silver jewellery designers, but with a difference... our jewellery is affordable!

As mentioned, please send over a pind if you have any questions.

Jason and jamie.

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