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Bracelets for small wrists

Do bracelets and bangles just fall off your wrist because they are too big and not comfortable.  Have trouble finding a bracelet that fits your dainty petite small wrists?  Well, look no further....Here at Mon Bijoux we specialize in bangle bracelets and especially those made for small wrists (we also have a range for large wrists).  Please see our bangle sizing guide to help you choose the perfect fit and have a browse through our petite sized bangles and we are sure you will find the perfect gift or treat for yourself!  If you do need any help with sizing or your selection, just get in touch!
I never understood why jewellery companies only made 1 size fit all bangle because we are all so different. We don't make one size pair of trousers, one size hoodies or one size knickers so why one size bangles? We have some of pour designs made in as many as 5 different sizes so that everybody can be catered for because here at Mon Bijoux, we think everybody should be invited to our jewellery party! Take a look at a recent review we received from a very satisfied customer in Australia:
Vicky from Australia said... "I purchased this bangle online from Australia. This company provided amazing service and back up assistance to ensure I was satisfied with their product. I purchased this bangle only to find on arrival that it was a bit tight for my wrist. Jamie and Jason were amazing with their after purchase service!! Loving my new resized bangle!!"
We have what we call the "bangle challenge". We have lots of customers who immediately tell us when they enter our premises that they've never found a bangle/bracelet to fit them and never will. Well, that's just music to our ears because we know that their search for a nice fitting bangle will soon be over.