Family birthstone necklace

Customized Family Birthstone Lockets: A Sentimental Keepsake

Discover the Power and Beauty of Birthstones and their Meanings

Birthstone jewelry is one of the most meaningful and special types of personalized jewelry accessible. Birthstones are gemstones that correspond with each month of the year, and each has its own special meaning and importance. If you do not know what your birthstone by month or zodiac is and its meaning, you can find out by checking out this blog here.

One popular way to incorporate birthstones into jewelry is through keepsake glass lockets. But have you heard of the term family birthstone glass lockets? To take a step further in order to create unique and sentimental jewellery with birthstones, many families have also started to create birthstone jewelry that combines the birthstones of multiple family members to celebrate the bond between loved ones. 

Unique and Customizable: Design Your Own Family Birthstone Locket

A family birthstone glass locket necklace is an enchanting way to commemorate your family’s affection and connection. In our exquisite fillable glass lockets, you can combine birthstone chips to create a personalized combination that represents your affection for multiple family members at once.  For mothers or grandmothers who want to keep their loved ones near to their hearts, this sentimental jewelry is a perfect gift.

This accessory can be customized and altered to suit any family, making it a wonderful present for a variety of occasions like a birthday or mother's day. For instance, if you have three children born in January, May, and November, you could make a stunning personalized gift by combining garnet, emerald, and citrine birthstone chips. — Whether you have a small family or a big extended family, you can make a personalized locket with everyone's birthstone chips.

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At Mon Bijoux, we offer beautiful fillable glass lockets, which are available in different shapes and sizes, from a heart-shaped glass locket to a circle-shaped silver locket. Our lockets can truly make it personalised and unique to you. You can wear is a family birthstone necklace or a family birthstone keepsake. These lockets are meticulously hand-crafted, featuring a glass window that allows you to display the birthstone chips inside. Our birthstone chips are available in all 12 birthstones, allowing you to select the ones that correlate with the birth months of your family members. You can combine various birthstone chips to create a one-of-a-kind and lovely combination that reflects your family's individuality. To take one step further to truly make it yours, add an engraving with initials, names or a heartfelt message that you would like to cherish for the years to come.

You can find our collection of deep fillable lockets and birthstone gems available for purchase here.

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