Ethics at Mon Bijoux

We at Mon Bijoux pride ourselves on being an ethical company.  This is the way we live in our personal lives and have ensured that this ethos is carried through to our business as well.  

  • Ethically-Sourced Jewellery
    All of our hand-made jewellery come from Artisans where we have visited the workshops and are confident that there is no exploitation of the workers and no underage staff.  We go one step further to ensure that all the artisans own their own homes and equipment and all their children are in school.  We wan to help better their lives through the art of silversmithing!
  • Packaging
    We source all of our bags and boxes locally in the UK.  They are all made from recycled materials and will ensure that your jewellery purchase is not just beautifully packaged, but also ethically packaged.
  • Staff Welfare
    The team at Mon Bijoux is also like our small jewellery family.  We try and do everything in our power to look after the well-being of our staff as happy staff will help ensure our success as a company as well as ensure your shopping experience with us is also a success.
  • Carbon Neutral Footprint
    We believe it is our social responsibility to look after our environment and be as green as possible.  If we need to use transport, we use an electric vehicle along with sourcing packaging made from recycled materials.