Our Story

Jason and Jamie

Jason and I decided that we no longer wanted to work in the financial services industry and set off on a one year trip around the world to find our inspiration for our next venture. We knew we wanted our own business but didn’t know what that business should be. See us discuss how we came up with our vision while traveling through Mexico and getting introduced to the world of silver here. We knew then what our next step would be, so we eloped in Thailand and headed back to London to get to work!

Over ten years and 2 kids later, we are still doing what we love.


Our vision is to bring the highest quality, modern and elegant, ethically-sourced handcrafted silver jewellery to London and beyond. Our customers are the backbone of our success and we strive to always give the personal touch that keeps our customers coming back.
Mon Bijoux's hand made jewellery is all made from the highest-quality and most popular alloy in the jewellery sector: 925 Sterling silver. It is all nickel-free, hypoallergenic and so is totally wearable by allergy sufferers.
We take pride in how we do business and so the ethics of our company is at the centre of our ethos. We pride ourselves on allowing our customers to shop with us the way we like to shop so that means recycled packaging, transport by foot, cycle or electric vehicle and no exploitation of artisans or employees.

What we do best

We have cultivated our collection to be a great range of the highest quality easy wearing solid silver jewellery. We specialise in a few key areas:
Our keepsake memorial lockets are great for holding photos, flowers, hair, ashes or any other treasured item that you want to keep close to your heart. The can all be personalised with any inscription that we will hand engrave in any font you choose or in your own customised handwriting.
Our range of bangles ensure we have a great choice for every wrist size. We stock mini sized all the way up to extra large wrist size. Finding the perfect fitting bangle is easy with our collection and we are always happy to help you choose the perfect fit. As with the lockets and all our jewellery, you can then personalise your bangle with any inscription that we will hand engrave in any font you choose or in your own customised handwriting.
We are always on hand to help you throughout your shopping experience with us. Just let us know if you need help selecting a gift, finding the right length chain, deciding what font for your engraving or anything else along your shopping journey.