The Perfectly Fitting Bracelet Bangle

We at Mon Bijoux know that getting that perfectly fitting bracelet bangle can be quite challenging.  That is why we offer up to 5 different sizes in our bangles to ensure you get the best possible fit.  

Most of our bangles have a clasp-opening allowing you to put the bangle on sideways over your wrist.  By having this opening and not having to put the bangle on over your hand allows for a much better fitting bangle.  Furthermore, most of our bangles are oval shaped instead of circular as your wrists are naturally oval shaped.  Therefore we can get the right size bangle that will give you just enough movement to be comfortable, but not enough to spin around and be cumbersome.

If you need help finding your size, use our bangle sizing guide to help.  If you are still unsure of the right size and style, we are just an email, message or phone call away and always happy to help you find that perfect bracelet bangle.

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