100 Unique Ideas to Fill Your Lockets

100 Unique Ideas to Fill Your Lockets

Lockets, those dainty keepsakes dangling from our necks, serve as tiny time capsules of our life's milestones and cherished moments. But who said filling lockets always has to be serious and somber? Let's infuse some wit and whimsy into the mix because a dose of laughter can indeed make memories sparkle brighter!

Picture this - you're at a family gathering, and your eccentric aunt cannot resist peering into the locket you’re wearing. She’s expecting a heartfelt memento, perhaps a vintage family photo or a lock of hair. But to her surprise, what does she find? A tiny piece of belly button fluff! Now that's bound to get some laughs around the dinner table. And hey, it certainly makes for an unforgettable locket story!

Or perhaps, you’re an ardent coffee lover who can't bear to part from your favorite brew even for a minute. Why not put a coffee bean in your locket? Now, that's one way to express your undying love for caffeine. It might even brew up some humorous conversations. "You love coffee how much? Enough to wear it around your neck?!"

Here are 100 ideas:


  1. Lock of Hair: A snippet from a loved one or a beloved pet.
  2. Cremation Ashes: Keep your departed loved ones close.
  3. Sand: From a favourite beach or memorable location.
  4. Miniature Love Letter: Pen a tiny note for someone special.
  5. Pressed Flowers: A memento from a meaningful occasion or favorite plant.
  6. Birthstones: Representing each family member.
  7. Fabric Swatch: From a cherished garment or heirloom.
  8. Baby's First Tooth: A symbol of your child's milestones.
  9. Signature or Handwriting: A shrunken note or autograph.
  10. Perfume-Soaked Piece of Cloth: Carry the scent of a loved one.
  11. Dried Petals: From a wedding bouquet or memorable occasion.
  12. Concert Ticket Stub: A reminder of a great night out.
  13. Miniature Art: A small sketch or painting.
  14. Poetic Verses: Your favorite lines from a poem.
  15. Favourite Quotes: Words that inspire you.
  16. Tiny Origami: Showcase your skills with miniature origami.
  17. Pieces of an Old Map: Of a city you love or long to visit.
  18. Seeds: Symbolic of growth and potential.
  19. Song Lyrics: That hold a special meaning.
  20. Dates: Important days etched on a tiny piece of paper.
  21. Tiny Portrait: Of someone important in your life.
  22. Miniature Key: To represent unlocking possibilities.
  23. First Baby Scan: Shrink it down to fit.
  24. Confetti: From a celebration or event.
  25. Tiny Drawing: By your child or loved one.
  26. Miniature Bookmark: From your favorite book.
  27. Feather: A tiny feather from a cherished pet bird.
  28. Rice Grain: Write a small message or name.
  29. Shell or Pebble: From a memorable trip or walk.
  30. Belly Button Fluff: For those with a quirky sense of humor.
  31. Name of your Star: If you have bought or been gifted a celestial star.
  32. Small Religious Items: Miniature rosary beads or scripture verses.
  33. Champagne Cork Wire: From a celebratory toast.
  34. Matchstick: A symbol of igniting your passions.
  35. Raindrop: In a small glass bead, from a memorable storm or day.
  36. Piece of a Favorite Old Toy: To recall childhood memories.
  37. Spice or Herb: Your favorite one, signifying your passion for cooking.
  38. Compliment from a Fortune Cookie: For good luck and positivity.
  39. Piece of a Loved One's Handwriting: Cut out from a letter or card.
  40. Tiny Crystal: Choose one that resonates with you spiritually.
  41. First Dollar Earned: Shrink a photocopy down to size.
  42. Pin Prick of a Wedding Dress or Veil: A sentimental keepsake.
  43. Metal from a First Car or Bike: A memento of independence.
  44. Clover Leaf: A sign of luck.
  45. Nail Clipping: From a baby's first cut.
  46. Favorite Number: A symbol of luck or a special date.
  47. Blood Spot on Cloth: To symbolize eternal bonds.
  48. Piece of First School Uniform: A memory of growing up.
  49. Fruit Seed: Symbolizing growth and potential.
  50. Air from a Balloon: From a special celebration.
  51. Coffee Bean: For coffee lovers.
  52. Grains of Rice from Wedding Day: A symbol of prosperity.
  53. Aeroplane Ticket Stub: From a memorable journey.
  54. Coordinates of a Special Location: Write them on a tiny paper.
  55. Scrap from a Favourite T-Shirt: To remember the good times.
  56. Picture of a Favourite Celebrity: A fan’s keepsake.
  57. First Comic Book Stamp: For comic book collectors.
  58. Miniature Tarot Card: Your favorite or guiding card.
  59. Small Lego Piece: A memory of childhood.
  60. First Concert Wrist Band: For music lovers.
  61. Piece of Sports Equipment: A shred of a tennis ball or a piece of grip tape.
  62. Wine Label: From a bottle of your favourite wine.
  63. Pet's Whisker or Feather: For remembering a furry friend.
  64. Shrunken Family Crest: Showcasing your lineage.
  65. Dollhouse Miniature: Your favorite miniature item.
  66. Chalk Dust: For teachers or chalk artists.
  67. Broken Watch Gear: For those who love mechanics.
  68. Piece of a Sports Jersey: Remembering your favorite team.
  69. Miniature Flag: Of your home country or favorite place.
  70. Scrabble Letter: The first letter of your name or a loved one.
  71. Band-Aid from First Injury: A badge of resilience.
  72. Election Sticker: From the first time you voted.
  73. Used Guitar String: For music lovers.
  74. Clip of an Old Audio Cassette Tape: Reliving the old times.
  75. Broken Piece of a Favourite Dish: A sentimental keepsake.
  76. Glitter: For a little sparkle every day.
  77. A Leaf: From your favourite tree or plant.
  78. Clip from a Vintage Magazine: A snippet of history.
  79. Favourite Tea Leaf: For tea connoisseurs.
  80. A Small Rhinestone: From your first jewellery.
  81. Broken Chain Link: From a cherished piece of jewellery.
  82. Signature Fragrance: On a tiny piece of cotton.
  83. Piece of a Christmas Ornament: For holiday cheer all year round.
  84. Piece of Your First Credit Card: A sign of financial independence.
  85. Dried Spice: Your favourite or most-used in cooking.
  86. Bird Seed: A nod to nature lovers.
  87. Miniature Book Page: From a favourite book.
  88. Piece of a Puzzle: Symbolising the complexities of life.
  89. Dental Brace: A memento of the teenage years.
  90. Piece of a Bike Chain: For cycling enthusiasts.
  91. Bread Tag: From a memorable picnic or meal.
  92. Piece of Lace: From a bridal veil or a beloved garment.
  93. Broken Spectacle Lens: An ode to a new perspective.
  94. Shoelace Tip: From your first pair of shoes or a memorable race.
  95. Miniature Passport Stamp: For travel lovers.
  96. Old ID Card Photo: A trip down memory lane.
  97. Cross-stitch Thread: For embroidery lovers.
  98. Piece of Your Childhood Blanket: A snippet of comfort.
  99. Used Cinema Ticket: From a memorable movie.
  100. Lentil or Grain: A symbol of abundance.

In a world where we often take ourselves too seriously, a locket filled with a sprinkle of humor can serve as a gentle reminder to take things lightly. So, don’t just wear your heart in your locket, tuck in a chuckle or two as well. After all, memories tinged with laughter are often the most treasured ones!

Remember, when it comes to filling your locket, the only rule is: there are no rules! So, let your imagination run wild and your sense of humor shine. Your locket, your rules, your giggles!

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